Saturday, April 25, 2009

Habeas Corpses?

The Obama administration now has aligned itself with the Bush administration in denying habeas corpus to foreign nationals brought to Bagram prison in Afghanistan from other countries. The logic is, if brought to Guantanamo or other U.S. domestic prisons, they would have the right to challenge their detention through habeas corpus proceedings in court. Therefore, they should be brought to Bagram, where they can be classified as captured enemies, not entitled to habeas corpus. Their only way out may be feet first, as corpses, after many years in limbo.

An interesting argument. At point A, you have some rights. At point B, you do not. We can change the application of the law just by moving you.

This is as subtle as cow pie. This is as legal as a three dollar bill. This is a disgrace. This is un-American, as was much of the Bush legal schema.

Mr. President, come back to Earth, and recognize these prisoners' fundamental rights. While you are at it, why not introduce the rule of law for all captured people into the Bagram situation, too?

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